There’s lots of information about Automated Transit Networks available on the Internet.  Here are the links that we consider the most essential:

The Advanced Transit Association ( is the largest international organization of people interested in Automated Transit Networks.

Jerry Schneider’s Innovative Transportation Technologies website ( is a comprehensive compilation of information related to many types of advanced transit.

There are currently three companies that have built Automated Transit Networks:

The leading consulting company specializing in Personal Rapid Transit is PRT Consulting (

The International Institute of Sustainable Transportation ( organizes the Podcar City conferences (

At its 1956 Autorama auto show, General Motors showed an early vision of the self driving car of the future (1976)

This 1958 episode of the “Disneyland” TV show entitled “Magic Highway USA” explores the future of personal transportation. The concepts depicted range from fanciful to far-fetched, and from present-day reality (rear-view TV cameras) to research-in-progress (self driving cars). Presented in classic Disney style, this film is also an example of optimism for the future, and the kind of blue-sky thinking that is the wellspring of innovation.